Diljit Dosanjh’s ‘Good Carbs’ meal is just too good to miss


Diljit Dosanjh is an avowed foodie and loves everything that revolves around food. At the same time, he is also someone who believes in the importance of eating healthy to stay in shape. Carbohydrates are the main source of fuel for the body. They are essential for a balanced diet and a healthy body. And it seems that the singer-actor is not immune to the importance of the same. That’s why he decided to dig into a delicious potato dish. On Instagram, Diljit shared a video of what looks like mashed potatoes prepared with mild spices, chopped tomatoes and garnished with cilantro leaves.

He could also be heard saying, “I like it, thanks dad. Before the show, you need to eat good meals, good carbs for energy.” He captioned it, “Good carbs.”

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If Diljit’s post makes you fancy, then you can make Buttered Potatoes, where mashed potatoes are simmered in milk, butter and nutmeg, and served with an old homemade. Or if you want to enjoy an authentic Bengali side dish, go for this aloo ka bharta. It’s very easy to do. Here, mashed potatoes are tossed with mustard oil, chillies and fresh cilantro, and served.

There are times when Diljit Dosanjh likes to play chef and cook up a storm in his kitchen. Earlier in March, he posted a video showing off his cooking skills. He was seen surrounded by a group of friends as he prepared a dish of paneer. You could see her friends dancing while having fun cooking. At the end, Diljit garnishes the dish with cilantro leaves in the famous “salt-bae” action. The plate of paneer was enough to make us salivate.

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On another occasion, Diljit Dosanjh made a classic street chili paneer. On Instagram, he shared a video showing how he did it.

Diljit Dosanjh often takes the time to share her weekend indulgences with her family online. On one of those weekends he gave us a preview of his morning meal and it was amazing. Her meal included healthy blended juice and poha with a twist. In a series of videos, he first showed us a container full of juice which he gradually poured into a glass. He listed the ingredients including butternut squash, spinach, orange, apple, carrot, pomegranate and Indian gooseberry that went into making the juice. Then he peeked into his poha tray in combination with what appeared to be an omelette.


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