Covid-19 and diabetes: tips and tricks for a healthy diet

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Due to the coronavirus pandemic situation, a lot has changed and a lot of people have already suffered and still, a lot of people are facing problems. This Covid-19 pandemic has shed light on the negative impact of type 2 diabetes on our immune system. Many people around the world suffer from diabetes, which develops as a result of diet, lifestyle and environmental factors. Healthy eating is very important in this Covid-19 situation if you have diabetes. It has been observed that diabetic patients tend to have poorer results following a viral infection. There are a few tips and tricks for a healthy diet. Here we look at them.

* In your diet, choose lean proteins like fish, eggs, milk, meat, beans, etc.
* Always eat green and leafy vegetables.
* Eat fruit in two to three servings.
* You should include all grains like rice, wheat, oats, ragi, jowar, corn, etc. which should be consumed in moderate amounts.
* All legumes must be sprouted before consumption.
* All vegetables can be eaten, except basement vegetables.
* When cooking, always use healthy oil such as sunflower oil, olive oil, rice bran oil, sesame oil, and peanut oil.
* Food has fewer calories, such as salad, clear soup, and diluted buttermilk can be eaten between meals.
* Moderate salt should be used and pickles, sauces and ketchup should be avoided.

These are a few items that were to be consumed by diabetic patients in Covid-19.

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