Community volunteers, JFS bake Millie Dean’s Honey Free Honey Cakes

How sweet it is to have friends helping each other out once again, baking Millie Dean’s Honey Free Honey Cakes and Mixes to benefit Jewish Family Service’s Celebration Company.

On Wednesday, July 27, the community of sisters from Congregation Beth Yeshurun ​​will come together to assemble bags of cake mixes so everyone can bake the delicious treat for Rosh Hashanah in their own oven.

Fifty volunteers will work from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., measuring out the flour, sugar and special baking ingredients that go into each mixture. This delicious “secret” recipe is a “honey” cake without honey, created by Houston’s own Millie Dean, of blessed memory.

Wife of Cantor Emeritus of the United Orthodox Synagogues Irving Dean (z”l), Millie is known for her spectacular cooking and baking.

Under the supervision of HKA, the 500 bags of mixes will be packed and ready for sale on July 27 at Celebration Company via its online store, store.celebra, or in person at 4131 S. Braeswood Blvd., Jewish Family Service campus.

Celebration Company also offers free shipping on orders over $50, as well as curbside pickup. The cakes come in several flavors, including plain, nut, and chocolate chip.

Syma Levy, President of the Honey-less Honey Cake Project, is proud that 2022 marks the ninth consecutive year that Beth Yeshurun ​​Sisterhood has collaborated with JFS and Celebration Company.

There’s still time for additional volunteers to help on Wednesday, July 27, and teens are welcome to have the opportunity to double their community service hours. To participate, contact Levy au miel
[email protected]

Celebration Company provides life skills and meaningful employment to people with disabilities who, with joy and determination, provide services and create products that celebrate the goodness of life. The program relies on various forms of revenue, and the sale of honey-free cake mixes and cakes is one of the biggest fundraisers of the year for Celebration Company.

For those who want to scoop up a fresh cake without the need to bake from a mix, JFS volunteer Paula Ticatch has it covered. She is a seasoned Celebration Company volunteer with a culinary school degree and baking experience. Her love for working in an industrial kitchen is just the recipe for being the volunteer honey-free cake baker, also under the supervision of HKA.

Ticatch spends several days making 600 loaves. She also appreciates her connection to Celebration Company and all the wonderful people on the program.

JFS Houston is a partner agency of the Jewish Federation of Greater Houston and a United Way of Greater Houston grantee. For more information, visit


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