Coachella Music and Arts Festival vendor and goers share their experience with food and drink


Festival-goers and workers are surrounded by music, art installations and food stalls throughout the weekend.

Steven Vayding, administrative manager of Just Squeezed Juice, tells me he’s been hiring people to help run their lemonade stands since January.

Vayding was unable to disclose how much money a festival catering stand worker can leave after receiving their hourly wages and tips, but he was able to tell News Channel 3: “It’s probably enough. to make the trip worth it. a month of work they had. At the end of the day, everyone goes home very happy.

I asked Vayding what he thought of this year’s food prizes, which seem to be a talking point among festival-goers.

“Unfortunately our costs have gone up. Gas prices are going up, inflation, a lot of the supply chain is blocked. So even some of our equipment is getting more expensive. So that really feeds into our end price. ”

Some festival-goers said the food prices definitely caught their attention this weekend.

Sofia Lazo attends Weekend 2 and says, “You see it everywhere. They’re showing $6 ice cream, what’s that? you pay to go to a festival.”

Festival-goers I’ve spoken to say they expect high prices and that’s part of the experience.

Layla Freiberg, also competing in Weekend 2, shares, “When you’re hungry and you’ve been there for so long, you’re kind of like, you know, I’m just gonna pay the price.”


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