Cinnamon Toast Crunch brings us two new ready-to-bake offers


For fans of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, the past few years have been amazing. Whether it was the arrival of Cinnadust, Cinnamon Toast Crunch flavored milk, or variations of their classic cereals (Dulce de Leche Toast Crunch?), It was a tasty moment for all of us. But now they’re taking our love of everything Cinnadust to the next level.

According to a press email from the creatives of General Mills, it looks like this summer is shaping up to be even more delicious with the arrival of two limited-edition ready-to-cook offers. Specifically, they are giving us a new crispy Cinnamon Cookie Dough and new Crunchy Cinnamon Cinnamon Rolls!

It might just be me, but I’m more than happy to try the Cinnamon Crunchy Cinnamon Rolls. Not only do I love the smell of the freshly baked cinnamon rolls floating around the house, but the fact that it’s supposed to remind us of the classic cereal we all know and love only adds to the overall quality. of this ready to cook. treat.

So what do we know about these limited edition offers from General Mills? I’m glad you asked.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch takes summer by storm with two ready-to-bake treats

  • Crunchy Cinnamon Cinnamon Rolls: For this treat, we are preparing to bake cinnamon buns in tubes of eight. They are expected to start hitting grocery stores across the country from June and will only be available for a short time. So if you want to try them out and see them at a store near you, take them! (According to the PR email we received, it’ll set you back around $ 5 for two tubes of cinnamon rolls.)
  • Crispy Cinnamon Cookie Dough: Another must-have product for cookie lovers, these cookie dough wrappers are made to make us 12 large cookies. These are easy to bake, breakable cookie dough we all know and love, and as a bonus, they can even be eaten raw because the dough is safe to eat. Also available for a short time in stores across the country, these cookie dough wrappers will also set you back $ 5 for two wraps.

I don’t know about you, but I’m already getting ready to hunt for those two crispy cinnamon treats so I can bake and eat as I please.

What do you think of these two limited edition products from General Mills? Are you going to catch them while you can? What else do you want to see Cinnamon Toast Crunch-ified? Tell us in the comments below.


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