Chahatt Khanna: I love baking Christmas cakes for my friends and family


It’s Christmas today and Chahatt Khanna’s house looks all vibrant and festive, as she shares a glimpse of her beautifully made tree. The pretty actress said: “My house is all set and ready for Christmas. I get it all up around December 15th of each year and have had a Christmas tree at home for about nine years. Personally, I love to buy my tree and decoration and it is an annual thing for me to do so. I go to Bandra and I love to browse and buy shiny balls and tree hangings and each tree has been with me for about four years.

“All I want is everyone to be healthy and happy”

For those who did not know, Chahatt bakes the traditional cake every year and it is a hit with all his friends. Revèle Chahatt: “I am a great foodie, I love to cook, garnish, serve and eat. And my favorite is the rich Christmas cake. It’s a party for me to go buy the ingredients and get everything ready; I’m eager to! I actually made my cake batter mix and made the marinade a month ago. My dough is famous with my friends – I use less flour and it’s loaded with dried fruits and other ingredients. As December 25 approaches, everyone asks me when I’m baking the cake.

She adds: “I always cook a day before Christmas. This year however, I got a little late and it was only yesterday that I finished baking cakes, cookies and bread for my friends and family. They all wait for this time of year because they know I’m going to bake this cake. I don’t do this at any other time of the year, just at Christmas.

What’s the one thing she expects from Santa Claus? She adds: “I don’t know, I am blessed, God has given me so much, touch wood! I just want everyone to be healthy and happy and there is no more Covid. Good times for everyone, that’s all!



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