Can diet influence fertility? Make these food choices to take care of your reproductive health


Nutritionist Pooja Malhotra has listed some foods that can improve reproductive health

A healthy diet can go a long way in improving reproductive health

Your lifestyle plays a major role in keeping you healthy and ward off various ailments. Bad lifestyle habits lead to various diseases and sometimes can also increase the risk of infertility in women. So how can you improve your reproductive health? One way to do this is to make a few additions or changes to your diet. A healthy diet can go a long way in improving reproductive health. Nutritionist Pooja Malhotra shared a Reels on Instagram where she listed the various foods you should include in your diet to improve your fertility and increase the likelihood of a healthy pregnancy.

1) Chia seeds: One of the most important characteristics of chia seeds is their high content of omega-3 fatty acids.

2) Sunflower seeds: Sunflower seeds contain polyunsaturated fats and monounsaturated fats which are beneficial for health.

3) Nuts: Dried fruits like nuts are always beneficial for health. Consuming them daily helps us stay healthy.

4) Olives: These are packed with antioxidants and rich in vitamin E.

5) Oily fish: These contain a large amount of good fats and should be included in the diet.

6) Yellow: Egg yolk is considered very nutritious.

Pooja said that these foods contain good fats and they also help you improve your hormones.

High-fiber foods you need to savor include:

1) Fruit: It is important to consume various seasonal fruits as they are fibrous and good for your health.

2) Vegetables: Many vegetables are loaded with fiber that boosts digestion.

3) Whole grains: These are very nutritious and good for health.

Next, Pooja also listed some probiotic foods:

1) Yogurt: It is one of the best examples of probiotics.

2) Buttermilk: You have to have this every day.

3) Tempeh: This is a traditional Indonesian meal made from fermented soybeans. It supports gut health and is a rich source of protein and antioxidants.

4) Sauerkraut: A fermented food made from cabbage, it has immune-boosting properties.

5) Kimchi: Kimchi refers to a variety of salted, seasoned, and fermented vegetables. Just like curd, it is even an excellent example of probiotics.

Pooja also mentioned that sides like papads, chutneys, and pickles contain lots of micronutrients.

What should you stay away from?

1) Cigarettes

2) Alcohol

3) Excess caffeine and chemically processed foods

Pooja also advised her followers to exercise regularly, sleep well, and lead a stress-free life.

Here is his message:

Be sure to make these nutritional choices and take care of your reproductive health.

Disclaimer: This content, including advice, provides generic information only. It does not in any way replace qualified medical advice. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim any responsibility for this information.


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