Golden mirrors, Swarovski crystal chandeliers, velvet sofas and spangled ropes. It’s Paris, Indiana.

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It’s hard to be miserable when surrounded by rows of decadent sparkling desserts, giant pink mushrooms straight out of a fairytale garden, chandeliers, and happy people celebrating life.

So it is perhaps not surprising that Pastry, an Instagram-worthy restaurant and bakery with locations in Broad Ripple and Carmel, was among the Top Workplace winners.

“You’re part of someone’s special day, whether it’s their birthday, we have weddings, we have (baby) sequins, we have baby shower, we have all kinds of events, Christmas, and especially whenever COVID shuts down (things) and people got back together, they haven’t seen each other for a year, ”said Samantha Carroll, waitress and bartender at Cake Bake in Carmel. “It’s great to be a part of that. “

There was a woman who was in palliative care who wanted a last snack before she passed away. And Caroll has asked people to celebrate their remission from cancer at the store. Some visited because it was on their bucket list.

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Baker Gwendolyn Rogers opened the first Cake Bake Shop on Broad Ripple in 2014 after winning a baking competition in Europe. Almost two years ago, it opened a second location in downtown Carmel, and plans to open a third out-of-state location in the near future.

The bakery serves a variety of shimmering desserts, from Gwendolyn’s famous Earl’s Court chocolate cake to sparkling cookies, as well as cocktails and food. The store also ships cakes to all 50 states, sending about 150 a week.

Theresa Tymoski, Human Resources Manager at Cake Bake, said part of what makes Cake Bake a great place to work is that they try to promote from within, using opportunities such as their supervisor in a training program where employees can follow managers.

“We want people who want to stay and grow, and I think people really see that when we come to them and ask them what they want for their future, even though they’re just a server,” he said. Tymoski said.

Carroll, 35, has worked for Cake Bake for almost two years, driving an hour a day to get to work because she loves what she does and the people she works with. She says it’s the best place she’s worked and that she earns more money than in the past at other restaurants.

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She is currently in the Supervisor-in-Training program so that she can eventually become a manager. Besides the chance to be promoted, Carroll appreciates her colleagues, her managers and the owner herself.

“If you ever stop over there you see a lady fixing something outside and if you’ve never met Gwendolyn, that’s herself,” Carroll said. “She’s neither above nor below, she doesn’t do anything on her own.”

Final result

Founded: 2014

Locations in Central Indiana: 2

Description: A fairytale bakery and restaurant

Employees in central Indiana: 151

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