Bring holiday cheer with these cake baking techniques


New Delhi: Christmas is fast approaching and the festival is incomplete without devouring a delicious cake.

The feast that marks the birthday of Jesus Christ is also a great time to try out new cake decorating techniques.

These quick and easy ideas will wow your holiday guests and bring some happy holly spirit to your dessert table.

  1. Candy Cranberry Cake: It’s the easiest cake to make at home when you don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen on a special occasion. For this special dessert, all you need to do is start with a fake cake mix recipe, then decorate the entire cake with store-bought red and green candies. You can make a two or three tier cake with this recipe and also add other types of seasonal candies and dried cranberries.
  2. Santa Claus face cake: This cake will be the best cake for the occasion and especially when you have children at home. Cakes are indeed a type of dessert that no one can resist, but if it comes with some creativity it looks even more impressive. The process of baking this Merry Santa Face Cake is easy, but the focus should be on frosting and decorating this kuchen.

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After starting with the adulterated cake mix recipe, you have to wait for the cake bun to cool down. Buy white sugar paste and use food coloring to get the colors you want. Use gel-based dyes rather than liquid to avoid making the sugar paste too sticky. Draw the face of Santa Claus on a sheet of paper, which will later serve as a stencil. Spread a little sugar paste and cut the pieces according to the drawing. Brush the back of the piece with water and glue it in place.

  1. Twizzlers Cake: This is one of the easiest cake recipes you can make at home, and the best part is kids would love it because of its vibrant frosting. Bake two chocolate cake bases and let them cool completely. Place a cake on a cake stand and cover it with white frosting. Gently press down on the other cake and frost the entire cake in the frosting. This frosting will work like glue while sticking red and green colored Twizzlers around the edge of the cake. You can cut the Twizzlers to match the height of your cake. Secure the Twizzlers by tying a ribbon in the shape of a beautiful bow. Fill the top of the cake with candies, gems and chocolate balls.
  2. White Forest Rum Snowflake Cake: Rum cake is the traditional dessert for the holiday season. This cake contains dried fruits which are soaked in rum for days and then added to the dough prepared with caramelized sugar by boiling in water. To add creativity to your simple rum cake, follow this recipe, which will make your cake even more delicious and attractive! Melt candy in the shape of snowflakes for a cake covered in buttercream. Buttercream will be prepared by whisking the butter for 2-3 minutes. Add the cream, sugar, vanilla extract and a pinch of salt to the whipped butter. After getting the fluffy consistency, divide the frosting into two batches. One will stay white while the other will be colored with red food coloring. To make the snowflakes, melt candies in the microwave. Transfer to the pastry bag and cut off the tip. Arrange snowflakes on a sheet of baking paper using a stencil. Now decorate the cake after frosting the whole cake with frosting. Do not forget to add the dried fruits bursting with rum in the cake dough.
  3. Traditional plum cake: In a saucepan, take the orange juice, lemon juice and water. Add the cranberries and dried fruits of your choice to the juice mixture and cook until the mixture thickens. Bake the cake with a recipe for adulterated cake mix and add winter spices, orange zest and soaked dried fruit to it.

Be careful not to over mix the ingredients at this stage. Keep a small portion of the soaked dried fruit aside for garnish. Bake 50-55 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the center of the cake comes out clean. Garnish the cake with the leftover soaked fruit and serve hot.


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