Breakthrough innovations: the best drink launches in Europe


Orange vermouth Martini Fiero (Bacardi), Costa Coffee RTD (Coca-Cola) and Leffe d’Été (AB InBev) were among the top beverage innovations cited in the report, which examined 50,000 launches of produced this year.

Beverage launches accounted for more than a third of the top FMCG innovations in Europe, demonstrating excellence in product development in the category, says Nielsen.

Establish meaningful connections with consumers

The report examines the innovations in the FMCG world that have had the most impact: highlighting those that have been successful in making meaningful connections with consumers.

Brands are assessed on aspects such as mass potential, longevity, brand incrementality and category distinction or appeal to a specific target consumer (the rationale for its formula is the fact that 90% of the 98 European winners named in the report over the past decade are still in the market today, says Nielsen – compared to an industry statistic of 90% of new launches that don’t survive beyond two years).

In beverages, the report highlights nine winners in the alcohol and non-alcohol categories. A number of winners were recognized for their success in attracting new consumers to their category; create a more modern and relevant vision of a product, or open up new consumption opportunities.

Winning Drinks: NielsenIQ BASES Annual Report on Breakthrough Innovations

  • Birra Messina Cristalli Di Sale (Italy)
  • Ready-to-drink Costa coffee (UK)
  • Hansa Mango IPA (Norway)
  • Innocent Plus (UK and France)
  • JJ Whitley – Craft Russian Vodka (UK)
  • Leffe d’Été (France)
  • Martini Fiero (Russia)
  • Somersby Mango i Limonka (Poland)
  • Starbucks for Nespresso (UK, France, Switzerland, Netherlands and Spain)

Taste remains one of the most important factors in the beverage category, the report notes, with a focus on the product development process playing a key role for the winners.

And nearly two-thirds of the winning drinks were rated premium in their category, showing the continued importance of this trend.

“Leffe d’Été in France and Hansa Mango IPA in Norway have achieved commercial success in attracting new consumers to the brand and category, overcoming the taste barriers associated with lager and IPA respectively”notes the report.

“Hansa Mango IPA has seen huge success in Norway after focusing on creating an easy-to-drink drink by toning down the natural taste of bitter beer, which is particularly relevant for IPA.

“After extensive consumer testing, the team found that the mango paired well with the IPA / hopped beer and even improved the texture. Hansa Mango IPA also leveraged its relationships with retailers to achieve Strong lists with good visibility for launch – essential in a country and category where advertising is prohibited.

“Originally designed as a limited summer edition, it is now a permanent product.

Drinks represent a third of European winners

“The launch of Martini Fiero offered consumers a new flavor profile and perfect, easy-to-perform service to drive the growth of the declining vermouth category, which was losing its relevance in Russia as consumers turned to the market. modern aperitif. Bacardi has identified an opportunity for Martini Fiero, a 100% natural drink in flavor and color with a bittersweet orange taste, to bring the vermouth category into this new occasion.

“By focusing on the growing coffee market, Costa Coffee UK saw an opportunity to bring its out-of-home brand into consumers’ homes by entering the RTD category. The category was small but growing rapidly; Costa identified an opportunity to combine his credentials and coffee expertise to create a winning cold coffee proposition.

“The result was an RTD with an authentic coffee flavor and less sugar than other products in the category. “

European winners through FMCG

  • Aspi Gola (Italy)
  • Birds Eye Green Cuisine (United Kingdom)
  • Birra Messina Cristalli Di Sale (Italy)
  • Butcher’s Tripe Bread (UK)
  • Cadbury Darkmilk (United Kingdom)
  • Ready-to-drink Costa coffee (UK)
  • Febreze Bathroom Deodorizer (UK)
  • Complete Quantum Ultimate (UK and Germany)
  • Hansa Mango IPA (Norway)
  • Hanuta Riegel (Germany)
  • Innocent Plus (UK and France)
  • JJ Whitley – Artisan Russian Vodka (UK)
  • Leffe d’Été (France)
  • Magnum Vegan (UK and Germany)
  • Martini Fiero (Russia)
  • Pampers Harmonie (France)
  • Persil 4-in-1 discs (Germany)
  • Pringles Rice Fusion (UK)
  • Rimmel Lasting Radiance (UK)
  • Scholl dry skin foot mask (Germany)
  • Sensodyne Sensitivity & Gum (UK)
  • Somersby Mango i Limonka (Poland)
  • Starbucks for Nespresso (UK, France, Switzerland, Netherlands and Spain)
  • It’s not (UK)
  • Whiskas Pure Delight (United Kingdom)


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