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A melting pot of cultures, Kolkata’s love affair with food is nothing new. This ultimate Kolkata food guide is all you need to get around the city, of course, the foodie way.

With rich culinary traditions collected through the ages and inspired by several migrations and invasions, Kolkata’s food scene is the world in a plate. A mix of Chinese, Mughlai, British and European cuisines, Kolkata has something for everyone. It’s no secret that a Bengali wakes up and starts their day thinking about food. By the time breakfast is sorted, they’ll start thinking about lunch, and lunch is always the talk of evening snacks. In short, Bengalis love their food. Whether you are one or not, in Kolkata you dine like a Bengali. For all your questions about what to eat in Kolkata and local food in Kolkata, this has all the answers.

Kolkata’s Ultimate Food Guide

Kochuri and torkari at Tasty Corner, Mandeville Gardens

Image: Courtesy of Instagram/hashtagkolkatafood

The quintessential Bengali breakfast, kochuri with a serving of aloo torkari is a weekend staple. Head to Tasty Corner for a plate of this delicacy.

Doodh Cola at Balwant Singh’s Dining House

Kolkata Food Guide
Image: Courtesy of Instagram/foodiestorykolkata

A mixture of milk and thumbs up, it is a unique drink that is a specialty of Balwant Singh. A tea haven, Balwant Singh is a small restaurant that is filled with hundreds of visitors.

Aminia mutton biryani

Image: Courtesy Instagram/too_halal_for_food

The aloo in biryani debate may never end but it never bothered a real blue Bengali. Because love for a piece of biryani aloo will never go away. Get the best from Aminia.

Chicken Kabiraji with Mitra coffee

Image: Courtesy of Instagram/the_hungry_vegabond

A humble joint serving chicken, mutton, seafood and vegetable dishes, Mitra Cafe is a street food legend in Kolkata. Any Kolkata food guide is incomplete without a mention of this iconic joint.

Jalebis to Bhim Chandra Nag

Kolkata Food Guide
Image: Courtesy Instagram/stories_from_lens

One of the oldest and most iconic confectioneries in the city, Bhim Chandra Nag has its own heritage. Taste their jalebis to taste the heritage.

Mughlai Porota at Anadi Cabin

Image: Courtesy Instagram/kolkata_foodie_01

Stuffed with eggs and chicken, a Mughlai Porota is a famous delicacy in Kolkata, found in almost every fast food corner in every alleyway of the city. But head to Anadi Cabin for one of the best. This Kolkata food guide is none other than the best of everything in town.

Kosha Mangsho in Golbari

Kolkata Food Guide
Image: Courtesy of Instagram/hedonichunger_kolkata

A blackened mutton sauce that is known for less on the fluid and more on the spice, a Bengali’s menu is incomplete without kosha mangsho. Golbari has been preparing this delicacy with its secret spices for ages and attracts crowds every day!

Double Egg Chicken Roll at Kusum Rolls

Image: Courtesy of Instagram/platterplotters

Kusum Rolls on Park Street is the place to sample the best the city has to offer. Most filling rolls and succulents. The egg chicken roll with a layer of fried eggs and a juicy chicken filling is absolutely a must.

Kathi rides in Campari

Kolkata Food Guide
Image: Courtesy of Instagram/delectable__crunch

Yes, you get kathi rolls everywhere, but you haven’t tasted the best unless you’ve tried Kolkata kathi rolls. And where to get them? Campari, huh!

Olypub beef steak

Kolkata Food Guide
Image: Courtesy Instagram/indian_on_an_adventure

For a city that loves its non-vegetarians as much as Kolkata does, beef is a staple for meat-loving Bengalis. Oly Pub in Park Street has been serving one of the best beef steaks in town for ages now, and something you have to try.

Daab Chingri at Kewpie

Image: Courtesy Instagram/thevintagevilla.siliguri

Next on the Kolkata food guide list, we have this unique delicacy of shrimp cooked and served in a coconut shell! Serving the best is Kewpie’s.

Chelo Kebab at Peter Cat

Kolkata Food Guide
Image: Courtesy Instagram/one_puzzled_girl

No Kolkata food guide or article on the city’s culinary supremacy is complete without this entry. This explains how famous this dish is. Go to Peter Cat every day and you will always find a long queue outside.

Sondesh to Balaram Mullick and Radharaman Mullick

A Bengali’s platter is not complete without a portion of probesh at the end. Read any Kolkata food guide, ask any food expert, they’ll all point you to this iconic sweet shop for the best probesh in town.

Darbesh to Sen Mahasay

Image: Courtesy Instagram/delicious_khana_jhatpat_banana

If the rest of India has its motichoor ke laddoowe believe in the darbesh supremacy. And what better place than a legend for a candy as legendary as this?

Roshogolla at KC Dass

We don’t want to get into the Bengal vs Orissa debate about who Roshogolla belongs to. But we know that if you’re looking for the best roshogolla in Kolkata, put KC Dass on the map.

Chital Maacher Muitha at Kasturi Restaurant

Kolkata Food Guide
Image: Courtesy of Instagram/platetastic

Going to a Bengali restaurant in Kolkata might not be the norm, but if you’re in the mood for something exotic, the chital machher muitha seals the deal.

English breakfast at Flury

For the best English breakfast in town, look no further than Flurys. This cafe-confectionery has been around since the British Raj, and its decadent cakes and scrumptious breakfast platters speak volumes about its heritage. Having been featured on numerous national and international cooking shows and food blogs, a breakfast at Flurys is a must!

Authentic Chinese cuisine at Tangra

Image: Courtesy of Instagram/euthy_mia

No, it’s not the Indochinese variant we’re so famous for. Tangra in Kolkata is a Chinatown famous for its range of Chinese restaurants and authentic Chinese cuisine.

Featured Image: Courtesy of Instagram/thevintagevilla.siliguri; Hero image: Courtesy of Shutterstock


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