Baking It clip shows Andy Samberg singing about terrifying sand-eating reindeer


Forget Rudolph, get ready to meet Samberg the reindeer.

Image via Peacock

A new trailer for Cook in the oven to the host Andy Samberg introduce a new reindeer to the Christmas cannon, and that’s horrible. The upcoming show is a holiday cooking competition series consisting of six 30-minute episodes, in which eight teams of two home bakers join Samberg and Maya rudolphefrom the winter hut for a “joyful celebration in honor of classic holiday traditions”.

A brilliant clip was posted to Peacock’s YouTube channel, which gave us a glimpse of what’s to come regarding Rudolph and Samberg’s hilarious musical enjoyment. The video showed Samberg singing a very unusual but catchy song about a reindeer named Samberg so he could join Rudolph in having a famous reindeer as a last name. Let’s just say I think most of us would much rather listen to Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer than Samberg the Sand Eating Reindeer, but it was definitely a good try.

The series is produced by Universal Television Alternative Studio, a division of Universal Studio Group, in association with Paper Kite and 3 Art Entertainment. Rudolph presenters (” Bridesmaids “) and Samberg (“Brooklyn Nine-Nine”) joined famous faces Amy poehler (“Parks and recreation“) and Nicolle Yaron (“Do it”), as well as Pip Wells, Dave Becky and Kate arend to the executive production of the series.


Image via Peacock

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Spouses, siblings, best friends and more will team up in hopes of winning an amazing cash prize. The duos must work together to create a variety of wonderful sweet and savory creations for several thematic challenges. The bakers’ festive treats will be judged by four real grandmothers who have a lot of experience in making tasty treats for their families. Hopefully, these talented bakers can become fierce critics and give the contestants their honest and perhaps even brutal opinions.

Rudolph and Samberg will lead the merry festivities and no doubt they will provide us with comedic and musical entertainment during their commentary on the action taking place in the kitchens.

All six episodes will be available for streaming Thursday 2 December on Paon. Watch the trailer below:


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