Bake your own cake with these 5 baking essentials, only under INR 500


Thanks to the pandemic, people have become more self-sufficient and skilled. Previously, if we wanted a cake, we simply ordered it. But during the pandemic, almost everyone was baking cakes and brownies at home, either for fun or to satisfy our cravings. It made us realize the importance of having the necessary baking equipment at home so that we can easily whip up sweet treats whenever we desire! But investing in baking essentials can be expensive, especially when you’re on a budget. Don’t worry, we’re here for you! We found baking supplies at just under INR 500 so you can bake a cake at home without burning a hole in your pocket.

5 cooking essentials just under INR 500:

1. Amazon Basics Carbon Steel Nonstick Loaf Pan

With this set you will get not one, but two rectangular shaped loaf pans. These pans can be used to bake tea leaves, bread, meatloaf, bread and more. Made of heavy carbon steel, the pan provides durability, even heating and even browning.

2. Dream Xplore 8-Piece Measuring Cup and Spoon Set

This all-in-one utensil gives you measuring spoons and measuring cups for the required cooking measurements. It offers 4 different cup sizes to measure all the delicate fractions of ingredients. The measuring set is made from high quality, food grade and durable plastic, which makes it lightweight and easy to use.

3. Bulfyss Popular Combo Non-Stick Outperform Bread Bread, Cupcake Mold Baking Tray

Another useful set of baking essentials includes a loaf pan and baking sheet. Both stoves are made of premium carbon steel and provide evening heating. The non-stick coating ensures that food is released without any issues.

4. Amazon Basics Silicone Spatula Set

This spatula set includes one-sided mini spatula, medium spatula and large spatula. It’s great for reaching into narrow jars, scraping cake batter from the side of a bowl, mixing ingredients, and more. Silicone spatulas are heat resistant.

5. Amazon Brand – Solimo 100% Cotton Padded Furnace

With this oven you can safely remove hot dishes from the oven and pans from the stove. The 100% cotton quilted outer layer provides good grip. This oven mitt is machine washable and comfortable to use.

With these baking essentials, you can easily bake cakes and muffins at home!


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