Bake your next cobbler or tomato pie


This year I planted small varieties of tomatoes of different shapes and colors and despite the drought, the plants are loaded. Even if you don’t garden, the little bursts of color and flavor can currently be found at all of our local farmers markets and grocery stores. I find myself grazing directly on the plants so often that I’ll buy a liter to make a pie or, even simpler, a cobbler.

Buy as many different colors and shapes of small tomatoes as you can, because each has its own characteristics, and together they will be a total flavor bomb, and even after cooking, so pretty.

You don’t need to cook the tomatoes before putting them in the pie. Simply sauté some diced onions until tender, add a little garlic and scrape it all into the bowl of tomatoes, then add a generous amount of chopped or torn basil.

Recently, Madeleine and I had a conversation about perfecting pie crust, but you can make this dish with a store-bought crust or, even easier, by making a cobbler instead of a pie.

After making a cherry tomato pie with a cheddar crust several times, I was eager to come up with something different, so I developed a cheddar-garlic streusel. All you have to do is prepare the tomato filling and put it in a buttered pie pan or baking dish, top with streusel and bake. It’s delicious at room temperature or even cold, so you can easily make it ahead of time. But if even making this filling seems like too much work, use canned cookies as a filling with a little grated parmesan or cheddar cheese as a finish.


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