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Company gears up for launch of new nano-infused CBD water after successful MJBiz conference in Las Vegas

PLAYA VISTA, CA, October 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – via NewMediaWire – American Premium Water Corporation (OTC: HIPH) (the “Company”) announces that it has been identified as a leader in the global CBD drinks market with Heineken, Molson Coors, Canopy Growth Corporation, Alkaline Water Company and others Of the industry . The reports were commissioned by BigMarket Research and Win Market Research. The two industry reports were not paid for by the Company, neither the Company nor any related third parties paid for their inclusion in the reports.

The BigMarket research report, which identifies the Company as a “key player” in the industry, also sees significant growth potential in the CBD beverage market as the COVID-19 pandemic begins to subside. WinMarket research report, which identifies the company as an “industry leader,” predicts the global CBD beverage market to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 26.5% between 2021 and 2027 .

Ryan Fishoff, CEO of American Premium Water, commented: “On behalf of the company, we are honored to be part of cannabis and beverage giants such as Molson Coors, Canopy Growth and Heineken as industry leaders. CBD drinks. The Company has invested a significant number of resources in the development of water and nano-infused CBD drinks. The Company has been working there for several years; we made sure to develop a high quality product and I am happy to see that the market recognizes our investment and our presence in the sector.

“I attended the MJBiz conference in Las Vegas last week and was very excited about the meetings I had with potential distributors and other partners. The CBD beverage space is still very nascent, particularly in the east coast region of the United States where we focus a large part of our distribution efforts. We are finalizing the flavor profiles of our new CBD drinks and hope to release soon with their new nano-infused CBD water and new nano-infused CBD “Relax” shots. I believe that these products will be very well received in our targeted distribution network (smokers, convenience stores, gyms). The next few months will be very exciting as we look to end the year on a high note and provide a launch schedule for the new nano-infused CBD waters and nano-infused CBD “Relax” shots in the weeks to come. coming up, ”Fishoff concluded.

To learn more about American Premium Water Corporation, click this link to see the company’s presentation at the Emerging Growth Conference and its recent TV appearance on “New to the Street” with Company CEO Ryan Fishoff and the COO David Howell.

Shareholders and interested parties are encouraged to follow the Company’s Twitter account @AmericanPremium and CEO Ryan Fishoff @RyanFishoff on Twitter for future Company updates, which will include important information about the Company.

About American Premium Water Corp.

American Premium Water (OTC: HIPH) is a diversified luxury consumer products company focused on companies in the health, beauty and biotechnology industries. The company is focused on harnessing the powers of associated nanotechnologies without cannabidiol (CBD) to treat health conditions and improve quality of life. The company’s portfolio includes CaliBear ( Vanexxe ( plant + body essentials (

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