A perfect gift guide for Scottish whiskeys for Father’s Day


On June 20, we celebrate the most important man in our lives. And trust us when we say we know how important it is for us to find the perfect gift to honor our dear dad. After all, Father’s Day is all about appreciating dads and finding out that perfect gift should definitely reflect that gesture.

That said, we understand the pain points of finding this meaningful gift. What can you give the man who has virtually everything? For this year, let’s drop the cliché and the symbolic Father’s Day ties, socks and mug with “The best daddy in the world” on them. Show him how much he means to you on this important day with an exquisite bottle of whiskey.

Now we understand that finding that exclusive bottle that matches daddy’s taste and personality is easier said than done. But we managed to find a great selection of Father’s Day whiskeys that serve this purpose. Better yet, he can choose to enjoy it as he sees fit, whether to add it to his collection, enjoy it with friends and family, or enjoy it on his own. We think one of these Scottish Father’s Day whiskeys will surely do the trick. Let us show you how …

The ultimate cheat sheet to discover the perfect whiskeys for Father’s Day

Don’t you know which whiskey is best for my dear old daddy? Don’t worry, just click on this short, easy-to-follow infographic quiz below to find out which of these whiskeys best matches your father’s unique personality and palate.

Learn more about the personality of each whiskey

Now whether you celebrate the day in person or virtually with him, there is no doubt that one of these spirits will surely enliven the occasion. After all, no celebration is perfect without a toast with a truly exceptional drink. It’s even better when you can perfectly match a whiskey bottle with its unique style and personality. These selections below illustrate this notion.


Whiskeys for Father's Day
Glenfiddich Our Twelve Originals

Best for: The affable dad.

Who is he: The one who always challenges you to be your best. He knows what he likes and appreciates good quality. He’s the kind of man who likes to do things right and also doesn’t hesitate to roll up his sleeves to do the job himself.

The Whiskey: With soft and subtle notes of pear and oak, the Glenfiddich Our Original Twelve is a quintessential example of Speyside style. It offers a long, smooth and mellow finish and is consistently proclaimed as one of the best drams in the valley. A satisfying drink that appeals to whiskey novices and seasoned whiskey aficionados alike, the Glenfiddich Our Twelve Originals is both accessible and appreciated. Just like dad.

Why it’s perfect: Safe, secure and renowned for its quality, the Glenfiddich Our Original Twelve is the ultimate public favorite. It embodies a well-made whiskey and is sure to appease any whiskey lover, especially those with affable demeanors.

Glenfiddich Our Solera Fifteen

Glenfiddich Whiskeys for Father's Day
A bold and confident whiskey for Father’s Day

Best for: The daring and progressive father.

Who is he: The father who is always ready to try something new. By working on side projects and exploring blueprints, he loves to tinker and experiment. He lights up a room the moment he walks in, drawing people in with his magnetic personality and exuberance and contagious outlook.

The Whiskey: What better way to combine a pioneering spirit than with the qualities of Glenfiddich Our Solera Fifteen. Like the man himself, this expression is bold, confident and innovative. Using a technique pioneered by Malt Master Brian Kinsman, the whiskey is finished in a Solera vat inspired by the sherry bodegas of Spain and Portugal. The result of this produces a satisfyingly rich whiskey bursting with flavor. The assortment of silky, full-bodied notes lingering with the sweetness of sherry oak, marzipan and ginger, will undoubtedly help spice up Father’s Day.

Why it’s perfect: Full-bodied and rich, the Glenfiddich Our Solera Fifteen is for those with progressive tastes. For a man who constantly wants to broaden his horizons, this dram is a perfect fit as it opens up a whole new world of whiskey flavors to explore.

Glenfiddich Notre Petit Lot Eighteen

glenfiddich fathers day whiskeys
A delicately worked and full-bodied expression

Best for: The daddy sure of himself.

Who is he: A man of elegant taste. He is confident, stylish and can cope with any situation. Traditional, yet modern, complex, yet versatile and certainly accessible, he appreciates the finer things in life. He is a man who knows what he wants and who will never settle for less.

The Whiskey: An exceptional man needs an exceptional malt and without a doubt nothing comes close to the Glenfiddich Our Small Batch Eighteen. Produced in small quantities with methods and knowledge passed down from generation to generation, the whiskey offers a luxurious and silky finish. The intense marriage period produces a warm and rewarding whiskey with complex layers of dried fruit, candy bark and elegant oak. This full-bodied and delicately crafted whiskey has a distinguished finish and is sure to delight any confident person.

Why it’s perfect: There is no better way to satisfy a sophisticated palate than the Glenfiddich Our Small Batch Eighteen. Not only does he live up to his distinguished profile, but he has a traditional history, which he can feast on with his like-minded friends while they enjoy him.

The Balvenie Doublewood 12 Years

Balvenie Whiskeys for Father's Day
The Balvenie Doublewood 12 Year Old Is Perfect For Traditionalists

Best for: The traditional daddy.

Who is he: Someone who loves peace and has the greatest respect for heritage and legacy. Above all else, he is someone who appreciates the simple things in life like handcrafted luxury items as opposed to fancy gifts.

The Whiskey: For any traditionalist, the Balvenie Doublewood 12 Year Old is undoubtedly the perfect whiskey. Handcrafted by dedicated artisans, the whiskey derives its distinctiveness from its refinement in two different types of wood. Traditional casks soften and add a delicate character, while sherry wood brings depth and fullness of flavor. The long and warm finish is sure to give dad one of the best experiences in life.

Why it’s perfect: This award-winning signature expression is renowned for its soft and delicate notes. It is above all a whiskey that embodies both tradition and heritage – distinctive elements that will allow it to savor and discover with every sip.

The Balvenie Caribbean Cask 14 years old

Finished in Caribbean rum casks, the Balvenie Caribbean Cask 14 Year Old features hints of vanilla and sweet oak

Best for: The pioneering dad.

Who is he: An adventure seeker, an explorer and someone who is always up for trying something new. He’s both traveled a lot, has an open mind and is always up for challenges. Most importantly, she is someone who is always by your side, every step of the way.

The Whiskey: The 14 year old Balvenie Caribbean Cask will take her on a journey filled with exciting new flavors. Aged in traditional oak whiskey casts for 14 years, the single malt whiskey is then transferred to barrels that previously contained Caribbean rum. The result is notes of vanilla and sweet oak, accentuated by fruity characters that develop over time. Offering the classic Balvenie flavor infused with tropical sweetness, it strikes the perfect balance of familiarity and novelty to the palate. He presents himself as an ideal embodiment of adventure and taste.

Why it’s perfect: An adventurous spirit for an adventurous soul. The Balvenie Caribbean Cask 14 years represents an avant-garde expression designed specifically for those seeking new, inspired tastes. It is a whiskey that embodies the very essence of adventure in both craftsmanship and flavor, which a person with a lot of travel will surely appreciate.

The Balvenie DoubleWood 17 years old

Perfect for the daddy who deserves an extra special dram

Best for: The inheritance dad.

Who is he: Someone who has built a legacy. Solid and insightful, it has a distinctive character and heart with a refined palate that has been refined over the years. He knows what he likes, which requires a really special whiskey for Father’s Day.

The Whiskey: A surprisingly rich and complex whiskey, the Balvenie DoubleWood 17 year old is the perfect whiskey. Resulting from the consecutive maturation in two different types of barrels, it delivers deep vanilla notes with hints of green apple and creamy caramel. It is a whiskey that has distinctive and familiar characteristics. Perfected over time, it makes an ideal companion to celebrate this special day.

Why it’s perfect: The Balvenie DoubleWood 17 years old is sophisticated and complex with flavors that will no doubt live up to its expectations. It also serves as the perfect drink to soak up and enjoy alone or with your favorite offspring.

Monkey shoulder

Perfect for daddy to mix up a storm

Best for: The cool daddy.

Who is he: The life and soul of the party and the crowd favorite. He has a cheerful mind and is cheeky. Often the spark of any good time, he often wears his cheerful and cheeky personality like a crown, constantly bringing joy to the people around him with his good humor.

The Whiskey: Here to inject fun and playfulness into what many consider a stiff and sultry whiskey world, Monkey Shoulder is the perfect companion for any fun-loving mind. Made from small batches of different Speyside single malts, which are expertly blended and married, it delivers rich, vibrant flavors with perfectly fruity aromas and mellow vanilla notes. Perfect on its own or to mix, 100% malt whiskey will allow the most expensive of dads to mix their drink in a fun and creative way.

Why it’s perfect: Like dad, Monkey Shoulder is perfect for mixing. This makes it the perfect gift for him to experiment with a wide range of mixers in an innovative way at any gathering. Better yet, he will be able to do it in the company of those who are most precious to him, which will make for a good time for everyone.

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