9 best alcoholic gifts for the sophisticated drinker this Christmas 2021


Christmas, Hanukkah, end of year celebrations, whatever your religious tendencies, live this happy time in the best possible way: alcohol. Whether it’s for your IPA-smelling friend or a bit of liquid courage for yourself, here’s your guide to nine boozy Christmas gifts.

From thoughtful bottle shops to craft cocktail bars, we’ve rounded up some of the best gifts to bring a bow to. There are advent calendars of Temple cellars with popular, seasonal and limited edition beers, while Clink Clink offers a producer champagne package designed to expand anyone’s mind about French champagne.

Gin set hosted by Atlas (Image credit: Atlas Bar)

Renowned cocktail bar Atlas allows someone to enjoy the experience at home through their selected gin sets, and Chivas Royal allows your recipient to play master blender with a whiskey mix set. For a loved one who likes to immerse themselves in artisanal spirits, CE proof presents Drinks of the Dram, which explores a category through a selection of styles.

Of Martell comes a box of their new cognac expression along with tools for someone to play host to the party, while Fullerton Hotel Singapore bring back their popular mulled wine. If you have a very, very special person, Rare and Exceptional Diageo sells aged whiskeys that will leave your credit card burning, but your recipient smiling. Meanwhile, Moet & Chandon allows someone to do good with a bottle of champagne.

Read on for your guide to the 9 best alcoholic gifts for Christmas:

Clink Clink Shop celebrates the traditional toasting business with the sparkling wine package, I am a grower, not a show-er: edition 8 (S $ 345 ++), featuring a blend of champagnes from small producers in the region. You can also give your loved ones an electronic gift card that allows them to explore and enter the world of the best wine at home.

Independent craft spirits retailer EC Proof offers bundles covering categories ranging from whiskey to rum, which are packaged for the holiday season. For those looking to get started in whiskey, rum or gin, Drinks by the Dram sets (S $ 70 to S $ 128) include a curated collection that invites the recipient to explore their favorite category and discover new ones. marks along the way.

The Temple Cellars handcrafted bottle shop is bringing back its advent – or in their lingo, Canvent – calendars featuring beers from around the world. They have options that range from a variety of styles to just IPAs, but we especially like this one, a mixed box with 24 craft beers, meads, seltzer. All calendars are delivered in a refrigerated gift box.

Diageo Rare and Exceptional preserves some of the world’s most exceptional spirits, and their gift guide is no different. They have bottles from some of Scotland’s most important distilleries, like this 40 year old Port Ellen (S $ 10,100). Featuring liquid gold from 1979 casks, it’s delicate and grassy with a long smoky finish. The bottle can also be engraved with a personalized message and comes with a Baccarat whiskey decanter.

Nothing says the holiday season like a toast, and Moët & Chandon invites everyone to raise a glass of champagne and join its charity initiative called Toast for a Cause. Launched in 2009, theach toast triggers a donation to a local organization. To do this, buy a bottle of Moët & Chandon, record festive video messages and share them on this website.

Take the Atlas experience home with you with their select gin sets (S $ 118 to S $ 178), each including one gin with tonic pairings, two cocktails and three recipe cards to showcase the flavors of each expression. There are styles from the United States, Australia and France, including Ki No Bi Go Kyoto Dry Gin, a limited bottling for the fifth anniversary of the famous Kyoto distillery, and the New Zealand Scapegrace Gin, made with glacial waters. Do you prefer mulled wine? Atlas also sells a DIY kit with all the essentials.

Do you have a family or friend who is an aspiring master mixer? Then this Chivas Regal mixing kit is an ideal party gift. With six whiskeys, from delicately floral to powerfully smoky, your recipient can experiment with different flavors to create their own signature blend. The kit also includes a virtual masterclass from Chivas Regal Brand Ambassador Anna Mitchell who will showcase how the pros do it.

For that special someone who loves to throw house parties, this Martell Swift Party Deluxe Pack (S $ 268) will come in handy. It includes Noblige, the latest expression of the cognac house, as well as their VSOP, two cognac stones, a shaker, a dice game and coasters. All they have to do is pour in and play.

You might not be able to travel to Europe for a Christmas market, but you can let your loved ones take it home with this mulled wine (S $ 58) from Fullerton Hotel Singapore. Back by popular demand, the hotel’s resident bartender mixes red wine, cognac and orange liqueur with spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves and fresh vanilla bean. Include this message in your accompanying card: serve hot for maximum enjoyment.


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