8 cooler tables that will allow you to relax while you have a cold drink


Is a cooler table worth it?

When you’re relaxing on the patio doing nothing, the last thing you want to do is get up, run upstairs, go to the kitchen, and grab a drink. It just spoils the mood. You want your cold drink by your side.

When trying to create an outdoor environment, looks can be as important as function. This is where cooler tables come in. They keep cold drinks close at hand while enhancing the decor of your outdoor living space.

What is a cooler table?

A cooler table is a hybrid. It’s part cooler, part patio furniture. This is a dual function item, like a storage ottoman, that not only serves a purpose, but looks great. You can store drinks, sandwiches, grilling meats, condiments and more in this handy item. And if you need to move it into the shade when the sun crosses the sky, many models have wheels that make this easily possible.

How does a refrigerated table work?

A cooler table works the same way as a cooler. The table has an insulated compartment that minimizes heat transfer. You add your drinks (or whatever you want to keep cold) and pour ice on top. The ice cools the air inside the cooler, helping your drinks stay cold for hours.

What characteristics should a refrigerated table have?


Bigger is not always better. If you plan to use your cooler table for picnics and family gatherings, you’ll need a large model. However, if you mainly use your refrigerated table for yourself and only a few friends, a smaller model is a better option. This is because the larger a cooler, the more difficult it is to keep the items inside cold.

Ability to stay cool

Most cooler tables will be used for events or occasions, so they will need to keep your items cool for at least several hours. Make sure the model you’re considering is insulated enough to do the job.

Additional storage

Most refrigerated tables have a bottom shelf that can store extra items that don’t need to be refrigerated. It can be a handy place to store cups, plates, napkins, utensils and more.

Integrated drain

When you’re done with a regular cooler, you can simply turn it upside down to empty the leftover ice and water. You can’t easily do that with a cooler table because it’s a piece of furniture. Look for a model with a built-in drain that doesn’t leak.

Bottle opener

If you are cooling bottles, a cooler table with a built-in bottle opener will be appreciated. It can also help cut down on cleanup, like those stray bottle lids that never seem to end up in the trash.


Not all cooler tables have wheels. If you want a model that can be moved easily from place to place, locking the wheels is essential.

Additional functionality

Some models have additional features, such as a foosball table. While this is a great way to get even more functionality from a cooler table, make sure everyone has their drinks before the game starts.

Attractive aesthetics

Even when your insulated table is not filled with chilled drinks, it will serve as a piece of furniture. Consider the design and buy a model that blends in with your decor.

The best cooler tables

Outsunny Black Patio Cooler Cart with Foosball Table Top

This premium insulated table is made of durable steel and features a built-in foosball top to double as entertainment. It holds up to 60 cans or 50 bottles and features a bottle opener with a cork catcher on the side for added convenience.

Sold by Home deposit

Permasteel 80 Quart Outdoor Cooler with Wheels

Permasteel 80 Pint Outdoor Rolling Cooler

This rustic-looking option will be the focal point of your patio. The extra-large size holds up to 110 cans and can keep them cold for up to 36 hours. This model has double-sided handles and wheels to make it extremely portable.

Sold by Amazon

Rolling Patio Cooler

80 Pint Rolling Patio Cooler

The lid of this insulated polypropylene table can be completely removed for easy loading. For added convenience, it is hinged in the middle for easy access after filling. It has a woven rattan wicker design to blend in nicely with most garden settings.

Sold by Amazon and Wayfair

Northbeam natural wood table with built-in cooler

Northbeam Natural Wood Picnic Table with Built-In Cooler

This unique option is a wooden picnic table that seats six to eight people. It’s crafted from eastern hemlock and features a removable polyester fabric cooler in the center of the table that can hold up to 24 beverages. When you don’t want to use the cooling function, the lid folds down to give you a full table.

Sold by Home deposit

Keter Folding Table Bar Cart

Keter Folding Table Bar Cart

Keter’s clever design makes it a favorite. The tabletop lifts up so you can put snacks and cocktails on it while providing full access to the cooler below. The large capacity cooler holds up to 130 cans and is made from durable resin for durability.

Sold by Amazon and Kohls

SereneLife Outdoor Cooler Table

SereneLife Outdoor Cooler Table

For a smaller option, this round patio cooler also has a pull-out table top and can hold up to 40 cans. The table height can be adjusted for easy access to drinks, and the cooler keeps drinks cold for up to 12 hours.

Sold by Amazon

Mind Reader Foldable Cooler Table

Mind Reader Foldable Cooler Table

Mind Reader’s tailgate table is a collapsible version of the cooling table. This model folds up so you can carry it to your destination by hand. Once there, setup only takes a few minutes. The table also has a built-in mesh bowl for your favorite snacks.

Sold by Macy’s

Joyin Inflatable Table Serving Bars (Set of Two)

Joyin Inflatable Table Serving Bars (Set of Two)

If budget is first on your priority list, this inflatable option can turn any table into a serving bar. It measures 51.4 inches long, 24.5 inches wide, and 4 inches deep. It can keep drinks and food cool.

Sold by Amazon

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