7 popular TikTok recipes and whether to try them


The hashtag #jenniferanistonsalad (509,000 views) took the TikTok world by storm in February when users recreated a favorite salad in Friends former Jennifer Aniston. By outlets like Shape magazine, Aniston reportedly ate this meal every day while filming Friends and considered it “the perfect salad”.

According to TikTokers @themodernnonna (956.3K followers), @kelseyvenkov (2.6M followers) and @serveitupsteph, the recipe contains cucumber, red onion, bulgur, parsley, mint, pistachios, peas chickpeas, feta, lemon juice, olive oil and salt and pepper.

“This recipe is definitely one of the healthiest recipes out there,” says McCordie. “It has everything I look for in a hearty, satisfying salad that’s also nutritious: fiber-rich vegetables, healthy fats and protein. Whole grains are a bonus for satiety!

Speaking of satiety, according to DJ Mazzoni, RD, CSCS, based in Buffalo, New York, this recipe can be helpful if you’re looking to lose weight. “The high fiber and protein content will make the salad filling at a relatively low calorie count.”

McCordie warns people with celiac disease or gluten-sensitive stomachs that bulgur contains gluten. If you need it, opt for a gluten-free whole grain like brown rice or quinoa.


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