14-year-old starts ‘dream’ bakery business from home


A 14-year-old from Co Down started his own bakery business by fulfilling a lifelong dream.

Moira’s Ollie Anderson is already enjoying rapid success with his new venture, Ollies Bakes, saying it’s something he’s dreamed of for years.

The teenager has been an avid baker since the age of three, having grown up baking alongside his late aunt and grandmother who passed on their passion to him.

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Speaking to Belfast Live, Ollie said he was amazed at the number of orders he had received since opening the business in late March, with his Easter cheesecakes proving particularly popular.

He said: “I’ve been an avid baker since I was about three years old and I remember falling in love with it while baking alongside my fantastic aunt and grandma.

A young Ollie learns his baking skills

“It’s something I’ve always enjoyed and over the past few years it’s always been my goal to start my own baking business as I’m focused on becoming the best baker I can be.

“I realized at a bake sale at my school, Lisnagarvey High School, that this is a career I could follow when I managed to make a profit of £50 on what I brought in and it gave me a real boost to try and do even Sequel.

“Although I was originally planning to open the business over the summer, but an Easter bake sale I had bought all the ingredients for was canceled and I decided to hold it early to make sure nothing was wasted.

The Popular Easter Cheesecakes Ollie Made

“I’ve only been open for a week and I’m almost full for Easter already.”

Ollie said that so far his Easter cheesecakes and cupcakes have proven to be very popular and he is always on the lookout for new recipes and items he can create to further develop his baking skills.

He continued: “In just one week I’ve had around £300 worth of orders for Easter and I’m almost sold out which is great.

“Most of the orders were for my Easter cheesecakes, which are based in an Easter egg, and my cupcakes, although there were a few other orders as well.

One of Ollie’s creations

“My favorite dish to make is Pavlova, although it’s something that takes a lot of time, because it reminds me of my childhood and cooking with my aunt growing up before she passed away. It was her favorite thing to do and when I do it, I remember her and all the memories I have of us cooking together.

“At the moment, I’m still finding my feet with the business side of things and I can’t wait until the summer to be able to put all my effort into it when I’m out of school.”

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