12 Healthy Finds to Add to Your Costco Shopping List


There’s no place like Costco. Where else can you buy groceries, a new TV, and an extra tire for your car all at the same time? But such a big retailer is bound to have hidden gems too – like a huge selection of healthy food which you can buy in bulk.

I try to make a monthly visit to my local Costco as they have better deals on healthy foods and snacks than my local supermarket. Also, my Costco transportation tends to last me longer and I don’t have to replenish my food supply as often. In a time of price increase and supply chain issuesit is crucial.

If you’re looking to shop for healthy options at Costco, but aren’t sure where to start, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite healthy food suggestions below. Add these healthy selections to your shopping list the next time you stop by your local Costco. Please keep in mind that some items may vary depending on your location and availability.


If you are lactose intolerant or have dairy sensitivities, Costco offers many dairy-free options that are shelf stable. I take a six pack of unsweetened almond milk from Costco every two months and like to use it as the base for my daily protein shake or smoothie. The neutral vanilla flavor blends well with most bases without being overpowering.


If you’re allergic to nut milk, another great dairy-free option is Costco’s oat milk six-pack. The flavor is a little sweeter, and if you’re watching your sugar intake, it’s important to read the nutrition label because this version contains sugar – and there’s no unsweetened variety available yet. Also, I noticed that after a few uses, the can spout seems to fall off due to humidity, which is something to consider when buying a can.


One of my favorite things to buy at Costco is their almond butter. For a $9 27-ounce jar, it lasts me months and is reasonably priced, especially compared to smaller jars at local grocery stores that often fetch a lot more.


Buying your favorite healthy grains in bulk is a good way to stay well-stocked if you eat them regularly. Costco sells white, brown, jasmine and basmati rice in different bags and sizes. Depending on your location, I’ve found that the larger bags of rice can last me a few months or so, depending on how often I cook them.

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If you’ve tried to increase your protein intake or are trying to meet your daily quota, it helps to have protein readily available at home. Costco sells various animal proteins such as chicken breast, ground meat, and various cuts of meat, which are great options to buy and freeze for later. Prices vary per book. I buy a large package of chicken breasts and divide it into separate zip lock bags, which I freeze and thaw weekly when preparing meals.

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The store also sells two-dozen egg cartons in its refrigerated aisle, which is a good option as long as your family regularly eats or cooks with eggs. Eggs are a good source of protein packed with B vitamins, vitamin D, zinc, and other nutrients needed for your health.


Costco also offers a pack of liquid egg whites that come in six 16-ounce cartons. Egg whites are a good buy if you like to use them for omelettes, smoothies, or want an easy way to get protein into your diet. The only downside to egg whites is that the cartons take up a lot of space, so you have to think about whether your fridge is big enough to fit them all.


Some cooking oils have qualities that can benefit your health and that of your family. For example, studies have shown that olive oil is known to be rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Costco offers different types of oils in one-liter or one-quart bottles. I usually buy its 2 liter EVOO bottle, which can easily last me several months at a time.

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Buying frozen fruit in bulk is a good way to cut costs, take advantage of out-of-season produce while still getting your daily servings. In fact, frozen products have a high nutritional content because the products are frozen at their peak. Costco sells various frozen fruits in 4 or 5.5 pound bags, as well as acai smoothie packs. I grab a bag of her frozen pineapples or mangos when the fruit isn’t in season, and they even add a better texture to my smoothies.

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Costco’s frozen aisle has frozen vegetables you can buy in bulk, including asparagus, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and other mixed vegetables. There are also stir-fry mixes if you want a shortcut for your weeknight dinners.


If you like to get your B vitamins through nuts, Costco sells various store brand nuts (salted and unsalted) in 2.5-pound containers and assorted packages. You’ve probably noticed how expensive a small bag of nuts can be at local supermarkets, but not at Costco. The store also offers common brands such as Planters and Wonderful Pistachios in snack packs.

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Costco sells a variety of fresh produce in sufficient quantities to keep you fully stocked. There are selections of everything from berries, grapes and oranges to broccoli, salad kits, onions and potatoes. This is the place to buy bulk produce if you’re trying to feed a family of four or trying to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet. I try to keep bags of mixed greens or spinach on hand because I find it’s an easy way to add greens to my diet without a lot of prep work. As I buy these items often, I find them worth buying at Costco because their packaging holds more servings and they can last me over two weeks without spoiling.

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